“Angel of Atlantis”

imageI painted this artwork after reading book by wonderful:  Doreen Virtue.   She was talking about this wonderful Angel from Atlantis and got me inspired to make this artwork.    I took my time creating this peace and wanted to express magic, healing, hope, and positivity.   World needs more healing and loving energy now,  and I wantet to create positive art now, more then ever before.   My older works of art where more sad because I feel so much energy around me, from people, world events and also had soo much disappointments  and hurts in life, like many of us do,  but people say” what dosnot  kills you makes you stronger”.

To me peace and love and health is becoming more important Than material treasures of life,  because when you feel at peace you don’t need things to make you happy.   You feel complete.   Let us all stay positive and send positive and loving energy to one and another.  Day will come when we realize and see ourselves as ONE instead of separate  beings .💖

🌎💖✨    Peace, love and light to People, World and Univerce.🌀

( English is my third language, so sorry if my grammar might not be perfect.  But who meant to understand my writing  and meaning of it,  they will…).           🙂    🌀✨🌻




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